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we are a focused creative marketing and web development company that prides itself on doing things differently from the competition
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Hevvy Traffik is a high-end marketing and web-development company that specializes in creating an Innovative tailored experience, to highlight the client’s Brand, Identity and ultimate mission.
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We pride ourselves on doing it differenlty
The process...
  • web design and development.
    Hevvy Traffik use best-practice techniques when designing and building all of our websites. Our interfaces are built with communication and usability in mind, while still being beautiful to look at. We are experts in the field of web design and development, and have over 20 years combined experience.

  • comparison engine.
    We have developed our own software for distributing content logically and simply so that you can compare the market with literally any product you want, either as a stand alone project or to compliment your current online offering. Hevvy Traffik add the design and functionality manually to ensure its bang on your target market, customized to look and feel great. We have many proven years experience in affiliate marketing and we can deliver quality and functionality that leads to online revenue for your chosen business.

  • online advertising.
    "Click here" is a phrase that is etched into Hevvy Traffiks consciousness. We have been producing online ad content since before the advent of Flash, and have successfully launched many online campaigns since. We are fluent in all of the technologies of the major advertising networks, as well as the myriad of online advertising formats currently available, including video ads. Hevvy Traffik can be involved from concept to placement, or alternatively as a production house for agencies. Either way, we deliver amongst the highest quality and highest conversion campaigns in the industry.

  • email marketing..
    Hevvy traffik create email marketing campaigns that reach your customers and engage them. Our suite of email analytics and reporting tools provide a constant stream of relevant, useful information, which allow you to target your email campaigns for maximum results. Combined with our knowledge of the plethora of email clients and their quirks, as well as our years of experience designing email communications, Hevvy Traffik have the know-how to increase your subscriber counts and reduce those nasty unsubscribes.

  • affiliate marketing.
    is a method of promoting web businesses through revenue sharing advertising between two websites. The affiliate website displays pertinent information to act as the middle man to generate sales with their visitors. The affiliate in turn gets compensated for displaying the advertisement.

    Hevvy Traffik can establish your online business so that you can benefit from the sales efforts of Affiliate advertisers. We act as an agency to all the top affiliate companies in both the UK and USA and will tailor the best package for your business.

  • social marketing.
    Twitter, Facebook. MySpace. YouTube. We all use them. Hevvy Traffik can help you to properly utilise them. linkability and online communities are our passion, and integrating social media into your marketing plan is our specialty.

  • photo / video.
    We use some of the best facilities for photography, video editing and production. We ensure the right Producer and Director is utilised for the project while our team facilitates the creative process. We have produced a number of commercials and online Viral's for high end brands and also charitable organisations.

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the work
Hevvy Traffik is a high-end marketing and web-development company that specializes in creating an Innovative tailored experience, to highlight the client’s Brand, Identity and ultimate mission.
Lets talk about your ideas...
Blinds Online
Project | Website
Working with Hillarys Blinds UK we have developed an affiliate website to drive revenue on Google. This currently is the number 1 affiliate website on the net for blinds.
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It's Not My Fault
Project | Global campaign
We produced the A-Z for this campaign in time for the Super Bowl in the US. We created Bill boards, the website, two Commercials and supporting materials.
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WOW phone finder USA
Project | Website
Coming soon is a mobile phone affiliate portal to rival all the current mobile phone portals in the US.
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Sky Discount .com
Project | Website
An affiliate site created directly for Sky to capture specific keywords attracting additional revenue for Sky. We have compared the price of other vendors while placing the emphasis on Sky products.
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Project | Website
This is an on spec Ecommerce site developed in three currencies for a global presence. We developed the entire front and back end so the customer can upload his own graphics.
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Can you see me?
Project | Video
We created a campaign that uncovers the misconception that trafficking does not exist in the UK. It is designed to bring awareness to the public about human trafficking.
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our approach
Hevvy Traffik is a high-end marketing and web-development company that specializes in creating an Innovative tailored experience, to highlight the client’s Brand, Identity and ultimate mission.
Lets talk about your ideas...
We ensure you get to where you need to go. Its important that you’re involved in the entire solution in the creation process so its part of who you are as a business. Its our job to Learn from you, strategically plan, design and constructing and the nurture until its done - it's all a part of getting you a website that will accomplish what you want while we offer our expertise to ensure its simple and effective creating a great impression as well as lots of impressions.
We get you on the web in 5 easy steps
To listen and to observe is to learn. We talk with you to hear your goals and visions, and then do our own research to learn about your business, your industry, your competitors, and your customers.
This is where we come up with exactly where your website is headed. How will it accomplish your goals? How will it fulfill your vision? How will it reach your customers?
Now, theory becomes reality. We take all of the plans and begin to design your website. Throughout this whole process, we will be sending you designs to approve and tweak to assure you’re happy with the finished product.
Finally, we take all the hard work, and build it into a fully-functional marketing machine. During this stage, we will meticulously code and debug your website to ensure the user enjoys a rich, seamless experience.
Effective websites need care and nurturing to ensure they are being as effective as possible. We will work to keep customers coming to your website again and again.
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